Harcourts Foundation & Mathematics for a Lifetime

Harcourts Foundation & Mathematics for a Lifetime19 Jul 2022

Mathematics for a Lifetime Trust (MFAL) is very excited to be receiving the generous sponsorship through Harcourts Foundation and Harcourts (Blue Ribbon Realty Ltd). With this funding we are able to create content suitable for year 6 to 8 pupils. This will then be available for 50 selected students at the school. The aim is to create confident pupils, who have the key skills they need in numeracy, are then more motivated and better able to keep up with their peers at high school.

MFAL’s vision is to advance mathematics education for children and young people within New Zealand. Creating lifelong opportunities and increasing their choices, for a brighter future. This sponsorship is an example of how your generosity can help kiwi kids.

Having access to online NZ curriculum based courses has these benefits:

  • Allows schools to meet individual needs
  • Provides teachers with up to date and relevant resources
  • Offers pupils a different way to learn
  • Removes the location barrier

How will it help the kids at Pekapekarau Primary School?
  • Improved access to curriculum-based mathematics
  • Increase confidence and competence in pupils who do not currently have access to specialist teachers or individualised support opportunities
  • The school will receive regular reports to help identify focus areas
  • A greater online course portfolio for MFAL and a diversified income stream helping it become sustainable and provide more support

Not only will the school have access to the Online course with 5 modules within it but also 50 students will benefit from this course. The gift-that-goes-on-giving is also that the Course can be used again and again for other schools/ groups of children.
The MFAL Board and the children you are helping would like to thank you for this sponsorship opportunity.